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4 Essential Ways for Creating Marketing Your Prospects Will Love

4 Essential Ways for Creating Marketing Your Prospects Will Love Blog Feature

Katie Pritchard

Director of Client Services, 8+ Years of Client-Facing Project Management & Digital Marketing Expertise

February 5th, 2013 min read

4-essential-ways-for-creating-marketing-your-prospects-will-loveIt's 2013. Yes, everyone knows that, but take a second and think about it... our society has become so advanced in a short amount of time. And now more than ever, your marketing has to be responsive to prospect's needs.

Technology has become a part of our daily lives (including physical devices as well as social networking sites), and huge amounts of information can be found faster than ever.

With this overload of information, people have become aware of what junk looks like. It's easy to ignore anything you don't want to read with spam folders, and blockers. So how do you create marketing that leaves your prospects wanting more?

Quality marketing is engaging, targeted, and personalized. Amazon is a great example of a company that has great marketing. When you log in, Amazon remembers what you have bought, and suggests new items you might be interested in- and they're dead on... it's stuff you want. The same goes for their emails, as well as reminders for product feedback. Overall, the site is engaging and totally personalized... no wonder they're the number one online retailer.

Here's a couple ways HubSpot can help you, as well as best practices to follow to create lovable marketing. For more information on HubSpot tools, check out our free ebook "The Essential Guide for Mastering HubSpot".

Creating Marketing Your Prospects Will Love

Great, Resourceful Blog Content

To make your blog the go-to source for information, your content needs to be informative and interesting. Not many people will read your blog if it is dry and filled with information, and it's just the same in the opposite direction- no one will find you as a resource if you don't have helpful content. When you find the right balance between the two, people will be wanting more.

At IMPACT, we try to have a good mix between the two. Sometimes there is a need for more serious content, but we also try to mix in funnier posts. Even if a post is filled with more information, a conversational tone will keep your content interesting. If your posts reads like a dictionary, you might want to change it up a little bit- well, a lot.

When you start creating great content, people will want subscribe to your blog. You know you're doing something right if you have a ton of subscribers.

Engaging Social Media Presence

After you create that great blog content, you'll definitely want to share it. Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get your information seen by a lot of different people, but make sure promotion isn't your only goal. No one will want to read your tweets if they seem automated.

Be engaging and respond to your followers. People will enjoy your posts if it seems like a real person is behind the account. This will also make people want to interact with you more- since they know you might respond and have a conversation.

The takeaway here is to create a personality for your accounts and be active. Your followers will love it, and it shows you care enough to take time to respond.

Targeted Lead Nurturing

After you get leads, you need to lead them in the right direction. Create lists of people and send content that's directed towards their needs.

An email list may start off by including people who have downloaded product A, but not product B. This way you can promote product B and know they won't be reading repetitive offers. This can be the same for top of the funnel leads, and bottom of the funnel leads. For example, our bottom of the funnel leads won't find ebooks like "The Basics of Inbound Marketing" helpful, since they probably already read it.

These smart lists will constantly move people based off of their actions. No one will get the same offer twice, and you'll be effectively nurturing leads to the sales point. People will appreciate the fact that you seem aware of their actions, and know exactly what they want to read.

Personalized Experience

Name personalization is an easy way to be engaging with your prospects. With HubSpot, email personalization is easy with your smart list. People love reading their own names, and even sites like Facebook (which is super personalized already) have added more personalization (like in the status bar).

Other types of personalization include changing CTAs when a prospect visits the site multiple times. This creates interesting content changes, and makes your site look a little bit different each time. People will get bored with the same old information every time they visit, and smart CTAs are the simple fix.

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