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3 Social Media Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

3 Social Media Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier Blog Feature

March 1st, 2014 min read

3_Social_Media_Tools_That_Will_Make_Your_Life_Easier_0It seems like every time I blink there's a new social media tool being rolled out.

While this isn't a bad thing per say, it certainly makes finding the right tool a helluva lot harder. 

After all, the whole reason why I want to employ a social media tool is to save precious time. Now I'm expected to use the time I don't have to test out a dozen different tools and see which one clicks? There's something wrong with this equation. 

Lucky for you, I've taken care of all the dirty work.

Here's 3 tried and trusted social media tools that are easy to use and save a ton of time. 


After discovering the tool it didn't take long for me to incorporate it into my daily routine (it's like we were made for each other.) Every morning I make my way over to Swayy to enjoy a relevant round up of all my favorite content over a cup of tea. 



Users can get started on Swayy by connecting with either their Facebook or Twitter account. It's as simple as that.

Once you're logged in, Swayy allows users to add topics of interest. For example, I've added things like: inbound marketing, blogging, content marketing, SEO, and marketing strategy.

Everyday Swayy will populate a new selection of content relevant to your interests, making it easy to uncover awesome content to share with your followers.

Speaking of sharing content, Swayy makes it easy for you to share content to your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn without leaving the window. Just select share and Swayy will open up a window like this:


Select the channel you wish to publish to, edit the message if necessary, and then share it instantly or schedule it for later. Swayy even provides you with suggestions on who to mention, as well as relevant hashtags

Once you've published something, Swayy provides users will built in analytics where they can track the performance of their posts.

Social Media Image Maker

Never struggle with resizing images again. 


Facebook cover photos, profile images, normal posts, Twitter images, Twitter header images, background images.. who can keep up this that many different dimensions?

Rather than constantly bug the design team every time you need a visual resized, turn to this tool.


With little to no effort required, the Social Media Image Maker provides users with resizing templates for almost any social image you can think of. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Skype.. need I say more?

Perfectly sized images, every time. 

Thank you Social media Image Maker, thank you. 


IFTTT? Yes, that wasn't a typo. Pronounced like gift without the 'G', this tool provides busy social media marketers with the relief they crave.

Short for "if this than that", IFTTT allows users to mix and match custom "recipes" that work together to deliver a specific result. 

The tool uses Channels, Triggers, and Actions to make connections.

  • Channels being platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, etc.

  • Triggers being phrases like "I upload a photo to Instagram" or "I'm tagged in a photo on Facebook"

  • Actions being requests like "Add it to my Evernote" or "Send me a text message"

So let's say you want all to keep your branding consistent across social platforms, well, IFTTT has a recipe for that:


Need an easy way to keep track of all of your tweets? IFTTT makes sure you never miss a beat. Save your Tweets to a Google Docs Spreadsheet with this recipe:


In the event of an emergency, IFTTT makes sure you're the first to know. Simply use this recipe to be alerted via text the minute the CDC reports a zombie outbreak:


(Hey, i'd rather be safe than sorry.)

Create your own custom recipes, or browse their extensive library of user-submitted recipes. With over 80 channels to choose from the possibilities are seemingly endless. 

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