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3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog to Increase Subscribers

3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog to Increase Subscribers Blog Feature

August 13th, 2013 min read


3 Ways to Promote Your Blog

With millions of blogs available on the Internet, you might be wondering what's the point of creating great content if no one is going to read it?

The idea behind developing remarkable content on your blog is being able to educate and nurture your audience.

Having a blog and creating quality  target="_blank">content that resonates with your audience is essential for your business' success. Blogging allows you to ensure that you are constantly interacting with your customers, generating traffic and showing your expertise in your industry.

It's important to learn how to effectively establish a network of subscribers that will continuously visit your blog and move from being a lead to a customer.

Once you have created quality content, you want to be sure that your audience is reading your blog. It's important to properly promote your blog so that your current and perspective clients are aware of it and are taking the time to read the content you are creating.

With all of those blogs floating around the Internet, how can you be sure that you're effectively promoting your blog and growing your number of blog subscribers?

If you don’t have readers that are continuously visiting your blog and reading your content, you won’t be able to expand your reach.

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog

Great Call to Action

You have a call to action on your site promoting your new ebook or webinar, but have you ever considered using a CTA to promote your blog?

If not, you should. Consider adding a CTA to your blog sidebar and a simple CTA for the bottom of the post.

Your subscribe box can make or break you. Don't just include a box that says subscribe here. Give them a reason. People love incentives.

A way to promote your blog and increase subscribers is to make an effective call to action that offers something worthwhile for subscribing to your blog.

Here's an example of our CTA:

[display_fullsize]3 Ways to Promote Your Blog[/display_fullsize]


3 Ways to Promote Your Blog


For those individuals weary of providing you with their contact information, consider including a link to your privacy policy. It will make them more likely to subscribe.

Subscribe Page

Having a dedicated page on your website for subscribing to your blog can help to increase subscribers. You can include information such as the amount of subscribers you have, testimonials of current subscribers, examples of past blog posts topics and the option to choose the frequency of emails received.

By providing this information, you allow potential subscribers more of an insight into what your blog is like and what they will receive if they subscribe.

Social Media

You know how great social media is for connecting with your audience, so why not share the content on your blog through your social media channels?

Through networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can publish links to your blog posts. Not only are you sharing information that your audience is interested in, but you are sharing content that you created which proves your credibility and displays your expertise within your industry.

Remember to give your readers the option to share it as well. By placing sharing buttons on blog articles, subscribers are more likely to share the article, which helps to expand your reach.

Below is a photo of how we provide sharing buttons for all of our articles. We love when our readers share our content with their networks!

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog

Blogging is considered to be the most active part of an inbound marketing strategy. You want to make sure that you can benefit the most from the content that you create by promoting it effectively!

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