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20 Examples of Powerful LinkedIn Company Pages

20 Examples of Powerful LinkedIn Company Pages Blog Feature

Carolyn Edgecomb

Office Manager, 7+ Years of Logistics and New Hire Management

July 25th, 2016 min read

While LinkedIn may be seen as a place for recent graduates and job seekers to identify potential job opportunities, it’s also a place for brands and businesses to actively engage.

With over 433 million users (and growing!), having an active and optimized Company Page is essential. You won’t want to create your Company Page and then just forget about it.

Building a strong presence on LinkedIn is essential for creating relationships and engaging conversations with prospects, customers, and even job seekers. LinkedIn Company Pages aren’t just for branding, but rather a hub where professionals can interact with your company and brand.

Follow these simple steps to create a great LinkedIn Company Page that motivates people to click the “follow” button.

1. Highlight Business Entities with a Showcase Page

Does your company have more than one brand, business entity, or even initiative? If so, Showcase Pages are something you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

With dedicated pages for a particular aspect of your business, you’re able to drive engagement and craft messages specifically for that audience and segment.

Companies effectively using Showcase Pages include:

So, what exactly can you do with Showcase Pages and how are they different from traditional Company Pages?

A Showcase Page is a subpage of your Company Page, that allows you to promote specific products or services to a very specific audience.

Think of it as a mini Company Page - with its own followers and status updates. (Yes, people can follow Showcase Pages independently of your Company Page.)

Showcase Pages are especially useful to companies that offer many niche services or products. A good example is Google -- they aren’t just a search engine; they also offer additional platforms and services like Google Adwords, Google for Work, Think with Google, Google Small Business, and even Google Consumer Surveys.

Looking at those segments of their company, you might be targeting very different audiences.

If your audience only wants to know more about Google for Work and how they can help their organization collaborate and improve productivity that’s the page they’ll want to follow, whereas an up and coming small business will be more likely to follow Google Small Business.

You’re able to give your audience the content they’re looking for, without them having to search through your entire newsfeed.

The main differences between Showcase Pages and Company Pages are:

  • Showcase Pages have large hero images, giving you more space to use imagery to capture your audience’s attention, making it feel more like a news feed.
  • Two-column layout for posts
  • Links directly to your Company Page as well as additional Showcase Pages

2. Share Content and Engage with Your Audience

Make users want to follow and engage with your company by creating useful, meaningful, and interesting content they will want to read.

Since you’re already creating relevant content pertaining to your audience’s needs, use your Company Page as a hub for sharing that content beyond your website.

Aim to post at least one update a week in order for your page to stay current. It’s not about seeing which company can post the most updates, but rather whether or not you’re providing your audience with quality content and actually engaging.

Like every other social platform, LinkedIn is a place for your brand to start conversations with your followers and add to others. With that in mind, don’t continuously post your latest blog post over and over, consider asking questions or sharing company wins.

Simply posting content isn’t the only way you can generate conversations and even leads.

Some other tips to remember when posting to LinkedIn:

Do you have an offer, piece of content, or company news story you really want your audience to see? Just like Facebook and Twitter, pin it to the top of your recent updates section, making it visible to those visiting your page.

Another tactic you can implement across your website to direct people to your Company Page is by adding a follow button to your pages.

And, don’t forget to add relevant images to your posts, we all know how effective an image is at capturing someone’s attention.

3. Make Your Page Keyword Friendly & Optimized for Search

As great as social media is for driving traffic and boosting engagement, it also plays a big role in SEO -- and LinkedIn is no different.

It all starts with a helpful company overview description that speaks directly to the audience visiting your page.

Whether it’s prospects, job seekers, fellow thought leaders, or even existing customers, you’ll want to tailor your description to get found quickly.

Google also features the first 156 characters of your description as a preview in search so make sure that it includes keywords your audiences are actually searching.

How can you ensure that people will find you on LinkedIn? To truly capitalize on the SEO friendliness of your page, make sure your description leads with powerful keyword rich sentences and that you’ve added company specialties (targeted keywords) to help your company get found.


4. Utilize the Careers Tab to Target Prospective Job Candidates

Before I get too far ahead of myself and start talking about everything you can do with the careers tab, I have to mention that you’ll need a paid subscription.

Similar to a Showcase Page, a careers page lets you talk about your company’s culture as well as recent company news updates. You even have the ability to highlight testimonials from various members of your team.

Companies with really great career pages include:

A few things that HubSpot does on their career page that are worth noting: they’ve featured their culture code that was embedded from Slideshare, as well as a link to their Instagram page where you can see what it’s like to work at the company.

5. Capture Attention with an Eye-Catching Cover Image

What does your audience see immediately when they’ve landed on your company page?

Just like any other social media network, your company should have a fantastic cover image. It’s the first thing many people see, use it to your advantage. Use it to highlight products, upcoming events, your team, and even campaigns.

Having the same photo can make your page feel stale, so try to update it as regularly as possible.

So, how does your company page compare? Use the tips mentioned above to start optimizing your LinkedIn efforts to establish your presence and generate B2B leads. Here are 20 terrific LinkedIn Company Pages that are already successfully doing the same.

20 Powerful LinkedIn Company Pages

1. Four Seasons Hotel

LinkedIn Company Pages four-seasons-hotel

One thing that I absolutely love about Four Seasons LinkedIn page is that they aren’t focused on pushing their hotel at you or the experience you can get there. Rather the accomplishments of their team members and the company as a whole are the star.

2. Evernote

LinkedIn Company Pages Evernote

Whether you’re an avid Evernote user or considering making the switch, their LinkedIn page features content highlighting their software’s features as well as tips to help you improve productivity. They also have a ton of interactions from their followers and utilize Showcase Pages to highlight Evernote Business.

3. HP

LinkedIn Company Pages hp

A campaign that HP continues to highlight on their LinkedIn page is keep reinventing, which is focusing on the company’s motto to “create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.

Like Evernote, HP also utilizes the Showcase Pages to feature segments like HP Labs, HP Software, and HP Developers.

4. Unilever

LinkedIn Company Pages Unilever

Can you believe that they have over 2 million followers? Unilever is a great brand that highlights their relationships with suppliers, how great products are made as well as sharing great campaigns and stories from their different products.

5. The Walt Disney Company

LinkedIn Company Pages The walt disney company

Their LinkedIn page isn’t just an outlet for sharing content, but a place where you can learn about the company, projects they’re working on, the newest Disney Princess movie, job positions they have open and behind the scenes look at the animation and development behind their movies.

6. 3M

LinkedIn Company Pages 3m

You’ll be sure to find the latest technology 3M is working on as well as how innovation and technology has the power to change the world.

They effectively use their page to feature individuals on their team that are the best in the world but also how science and technology can change the world.

7. SAP

LinkedIn Company Pages SAP

SAP does a great job of making their company page SEO friendly and engaging.

Not only are they posting about how your can get a free trial of their service but how live data can improve the NBA and in-flight experiences.

8. IBM

LinkedIn Company Pages IBM

Interested in learning about what’s happening at IBM? Check out their LinkedIn page, they’re constantly updating their page with the latest on what they’re working on.

9. Cisco

LinkedIn Company Pages Cisco

For those of you that don’t know a lot about Cisco, they’ve done a great job of highlighting what they’re company does and how their services and products could be beneficial to you.

10. Oracle

LinkedIn Company Pages Oracle

While Oracle’s Company Page focuses on how their 380,000 plus customers utilize the software, they’ve also created Showcase Pages to highlight various segments and audiences to ensure you’re getting the right information for your industry or need.

11. Accenture

LinkedIn Company Pages Accenture

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the latest news and content that’s being created by Accenture, check out their LinkedIn Page. They’re routinely updating the page with engaging content.

12. HubSpot

LinkedIn Company Pages HubSpot

HubSpot is continuously publishing new content to improve not only your marketing but also the success of your company and team. On their page, you’ll be sure to find informative and engaging content.

And, if you’re interested in working about HubSpot they have a great careers section.

13. Allstate

LinkedIn Company Pages Allstate

I love that Allstate uses their cover image to highlight various members of their team, as a consumer or job seeker, not only do you get an inside look at Allstate but the wonderful people who work there.

14. Salesforce

LinkedIn Company Pages Salesforce

In their cover image, Salesforce is taking the opportunity to introduce you to their upcoming event. By adding the event to their cover image, they’re making sure it’s something that their audience sees.

I also like that they utilizing the Showcase Pages. With so many different buyer personas they might be targeting it allows them to share content targeted to those individuals.

15. Mastercard

LinkedIn Company Pages Mastercard

Whether you’re running a business or spending the afternoon shopping, Mastercard is there for you. And, their LinkedIn page provides great content about the latest features as well as the information about personal and business security.

16. Delta Air Lines

LinkedIn Company Pages Delta Air Lines

I love that their cover image is a photograph that was taken while in flight, it’s a great way to add personality to your page. You’ll also notice that their page receives a ton of likes and comments. They’re posting really great content that speaks to their audience while highlighting company news.

17. UPS

LinkedIn Company Pages UPS

As a global leader in logistics and the transportation of packages and freight, their cover image brings to the forefront the people behind the company, those individuals that many people interact with on a daily basis. They also have a really great careers page.

18. Wells Fargo

Linkedin Company Page Wells-Fargo

Wells Fargo uses their LinkedIn page to promote campaigns that will help businesses and consumers grow and succeed financially. They also have a really great careers page that focuses on your journey and how you can see yourself at Wells Fargo. 

19. American Express

Linkedin Company Page American Express

For the latest company news, check out their LinkedIn page - you can learn more about their LGBT campaign, how they were named 2016 Working Mother Best Company for Multicultural Women, and corporate social responsibility.

Another thing that they do that I like, is within their description they provide links to other social sites you might want to connect with them on. 

20. Amazon

Linkedin Company Page  Amazon

Stay up-to-date with Amazon by following their LinkedIn page, you'll find all the latest company and product news.

Amazon also uses Showcase Pages to highlight additional segments that would provide specific information for businesses selling on Amazon and they even have a developer section. 

Also, when scrolling through their page you'll notice they capture a ton of engagement and generation conversations with their followers.

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