By: Bob Ruffolo

on January 6th, 2012

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15 Free Tools To Analyze Your Online Marketing Efforts Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Bob Ruffolo

 on January 6th, 2012

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15 Free Tools To Analyze Your Online Marketing Efforts

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Online marketing refers to the promotion of commodities and services via the internet through ways such as websites, emails and wireless media. When using online marketing as your form of marketing, feedback from the clients, critics and opinions from various groups is expected and you need to have a strategy

to manage your company’s reputation and analyze your online marketing. This strategy would help strike a balance between what your clients’ expect and what you can afford.

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Where Do I Start?

To analyze your online marketing you have to hire an analyst, who for a pricy fee would provide a detailed report on the growth or lack thereof of your company. However, nowadays, there are free SEO tools that help do the same job. These tools analyze the data collected creating a visual image of your website from different angles. With this information, you can adjust your marketing strategy to ensure maximum efficiency.

A group of these tools specifically help analyze the workings of your online marketing to help determine the level of efficiency. It focuses on issues such as; keyword density and search power, the URL, linking, Meta information and other technical aspects of the website.

  1. Marketing Grader - assesses different aspects such as visitor retention and analytic efforts, and provides recommendations about how to improve your web presence.
  2. Keyword Density Analysis Tool - helps create a balance of the number and strength of the keywords in your message content while ensuring that the right keywords lead to the right pages on your website. This tool gives you your content ratios, letting you know if you have too much or need to add.
  3. Search Combination Tool - broadens your keyword horizon ensuring promotion of your website to a wider audience. This tool helps you come up with different combinations of search phrases to optimize title tags, modify and create new content consequently improving efficiency.
  4. Head checker Tool - ensures that your URL is returning the appropriate code and the redirects are properly working.
  5. Spider Viewer - allows you to stand back and observe your website from a simplistic view. Going back to the basic information may provide insight on certain aspect of your website such as page content, internal links and Meta information and the minimal adjustments on these aspects can have major overall impacts.
  6. Bad Neighborhood Links Checker - monitors outgoing links ensuring that there are no suspicious or bad links that may cause penalties for the website.
  7. Pear Analytics - provides information on the strength of your domain and recommendations to improve it.
  8. Web SEO analysis tool - analyzes all the aspects of online marketing and provides a detailed and precise report.
  9. Facebook Grader - this can be used to measure your Facebook’s strength.
  10. Website Grader - this is used to grade your website to determine if it’s performing in terms of traffic and popularity and you can also obtain a detailed report on the same.
  11. Twitter Grader - helps you measure the authoritativeness and power of your Twitter page.
  12. Open Site Explorer - this enables you to see how your linked content have done on social media platforms.
  13. SEMRush - helps by finding out the ranking of your site and that of your competitors and analyzing and suggesting keywords that provide a lot of traffic for your competitors, and a list of high volume keywords that would help improve your traffic.
  14. Page Load Time Optimizer - enables you to identify the things that slow down your load time, a major aspect that is considered when ranking.
  15. Fake Page Rank Checker - helps you validate rankings and differentiate with other fake rankings created from fake domains and black hat methods.

While it’s true that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, there are free ‘utensils’ that can help you achieve success with your website

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