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By: John Bonini

 on November 22nd, 2012

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15 Big Money Black Friday Statistics

Stats & Graphs

black friday statisticsThe day has arrived (and for some, that "day" started yesterday afternoon.) The biggest shopping event of the year, where people get trampled in parking lots, and people leave Thanksgiving dinner early just to get first crack at that 50 inch television.

Obviously it's a huge marketing event, as both sales and awareness are pushed by brands everywhere in an effort to get customers walking through the door. Websites are completely overhauled for the day, fliers, direct mail, and literally thousands of coupons flood mailboxes and inboxes everywhere. It's hysteria!

Social media has also become a huge player in getting the word out for brands about their Black Friday deals. After all, never has it been easier to both communicate and engage with your prospects or buyers.

We've scoured the internet for some of the more impressive Black Friday statistics that really paint the picture of just how big a marketing day it really is. Whether it's social media or mobile optimization, technology has changed the way consumers approach Black Friday.

So check out these stats, and be careful out there today!

 Black Friday Statistics

1. Only half of retailers will utilize their website's homepage to promote black Friday deals. ( Tweet this Stat!

2. In-store mobile shoppers are big spenders; they're looking for premium gifts and prefer to purchase from a physical store. (Kellogg Shopper Index) Tweet this Stat!

3. Men say they always use mobile devices to check prices while shopping in stores versus just five percent of women. (Kellogg Shopper Index) Tweet this Stat!

4. Fully 15 percent of all searches made on Black Friday will come from mobile devices. (Portfolio) Tweet this Stat!

5. Nearly three-quarters of retailers will use their Facebook page to reach out to shoppers. ( Tweet this Stat! 

6. Almost 85 percent of retailers will send an email to their customers about Black Friday deals. ( Tweet this Stat!

7. Black Friday shoppers will do most of their shopping at Walmart and Best Buy according to an analysis of Twitter conversations. (Mashwork) Tweet this Stat!

8. One in four consumers frequently or always use a mobile device to compare prices while shopping in a store, and 64 percent do so at least occasionally. (Kellogg Shopper Index) Tweet this Stat!

9. Half of shoppers plan to keep track of holiday sales and promotions via advertising circulars throughout the holiday season. (National Retail Federation) Tweet this Stat!

10. Coupon websites will enjoy visits from 23.1 percent of holiday shoppers. (National Retail Federation) Tweet this Stat!

11. Dinner? 26 percent of those surveyed planned on shopping online on Thanksgiving Day. (Deloitte) Tweet this Stat!

12. Social media will play a big role in consumer behavior, with 17.3 percent monitoring retailers’ Facebook pages. (National Retail Federation) Tweet this Stat!

13. Holiday television commercials will be tuned into by 31.7 percent of shoppers in an effort to find gifts. (National Retail Federation) Tweet this Stat!

14. The number of consumers shopping from their mobile device this holiday season has increased 150 percent since last year. (IBM Coremetrics Benchmark) Tweet this Stat!

15. Some 34 percent of shoppers said they plan to shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, up from 31 percent last year and 26 percent in 2009. (International Council of Shopping Centers) Tweet this Stat!

How did you make out during your Black Friday adventures? Were there any marketing or advertising efforts that really stood out and got your attention? We'd love to hear your experiences!

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