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10 Ways Dating is NOTHING Like Closing a Sale Blog Feature

May 30th, 2013 min read

10 Ways Dating is NOTHING Like Closing a SaleIt happens seemingly on a daily basis.

At some point, while perusing my Twitter feed, I'll come across a blog article detailing the uncanny comparison between ::Marketing Activity A:: and Dating.

And they always contain cheeky references and often laugh inducing anecdotes on how A/B testing can also double as a qualifier for your second date.

Since we're hosting a webinar here at IMPACT next week on How to Close Inbound Leads, we've had closing on our minds for quite a while.

But instead of comparing closing a deal to dating, I decided I'd highlight how closing a sale is NOTHING like dating. Cheeky references included.

So enjoy. And remember, if you really want to hear expert advice on closing inbound leads, register for our free live webinar featuring Mark, Rick, and Matt Roberge as the discuss converting more leads to customers with IMPACT Founder Bob Ruffolo.

The 10 Ways Dating is NOTHING Like Closing a Sale

1. While some "social investigation" may be customary, letting your date know that you understand their pain points, recent activities and personal interests prior to meeting may warrant a restraining order. Be cool. (Tweet this!)

2. Running your date through Hubspot's Marketing Grader is not a good idea. Ever. (Tweet this!)

3. You're not going to want "decision makers" on your phone calls. Just…weird. (Tweet this!)

4. If an agreement has to be signed…it's probably not going to work out. (Tweet this!)

5. If things are going well, don't ask for referrals. (Tweet this!)

6. If you're expressing your aspirations for a 12-month commitment…don't wait for a call back. Or even a text. (Tweet this!)

7. Just because you picked up the tab doesn't mean customer acquisition cost should be measured. That's just cold. (Tweet this!)

8. A case study probably isn't going to help your cause. In fact, this just makes things awkward...for everyone. (Tweet this!)

9. Attempting to further educate your partner with more premium content might leave you having dessert alone. (Tweet this!)

10. It's not necessary to mark an opportunity as closed in a CRM. Come're better than that. (Tweet this!)

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