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10 Key Elements of a High-Quality Website [Infographic]

10 Key Elements of a High-Quality Website [Infographic] Blog Feature

Joe Rinaldi

UX Designer, HubSpot Design & GDD Certified, Designer for 70+ Sites for HubSpot and Various CMSs

January 6th, 2018 min read

10-key-elements-of-a-high-quality-website-infographic-featuredEvery company runs into the awkward in-between phase of “Our site needs a redesign” and “Where do we begin?”

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, the daily addition of new design trends, and constant waves of new technology, it can be tough to figure out what your new site needs and what it doesn’t.

Thankfully Neil Patel and the folks over at QuickSprout put together this handy infographic of “The 10 Key Elements of a High-Quality Website.” 


This infographic will help get you through that in between phase and start planning out the next steps of your redesign. In it, Neil Patel shows people that there’s more than just pretty images and content that go into making a high-quality website.

A few of the highlights from the infographic include:

The Importance of Showcasing Your Expertise

Showcasing expertise throughout your site builds trust with your visitors and makes you appear more authoritative and credible to people who may not be familiar with you. Neil Patel mentions how he increased his sales by 185% just by using case studies.

Include Social Media Sharing

The more times a page is shared via social media it’s going to lead to a higher search engine ranking. Make sure you give visitors easy access to share links and that your content is high quality so people will want to share it. According to QuickSprout, “content that has been extensively tweeted about can cut indexation time by 50%.”

Build a Strong Internal Link Structure

Focus your initial efforts on building a strong internal link structure on your site. Make sure your pages link to related content on your site and keep your visitors moving through your site. 9 out of 10 sites at position 1 in SERPS have at least one internal self-referencing link.

Read the infographic below to see the key elements of a high performing site:

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