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10 Most Effective Re-engagement Email Examples You’ll Want to Steal

10 Most Effective Re-engagement Email Examples You’ll Want to Steal Blog Feature

March 15th, 2017 min read

Did you know that 25% of your email list will die off each year?

Holy depreciation.

What's important to note is that even if your subscribers have gone inactive but remain subscribed, they could be seriously hurting your email engagement rates (even putting you in danger of being flagged as SPAM.)Looking for a creative way to rekindle the flame with your seemingly gone but not forgotten email subscribers?

We've rounded up 10 examples of noteworthy re-engagement  emails campaigns to inspire your efforts and help you win back some of the fallen ones. 

1. Sidekick (Now HubSpot Sales Tools)


What's not to love about this timely re-engagement email from the Sidekick team?

Not only is the email playful, in that it leverages the holiday theme, but it's both clear and concise. (Wondering how effective this really was? I just opened and clicked the latest email from Sidekick. So there's that.)

2. RunKeeper 


RunKeeper takes a friendly, solution-based approach to helping customers get reinvolved.

This gentle reminder is less focused on calling the subscriber out and more focused on helping them move things a long. 

3. Pinkberry 


Nothing says "come back" like a free froyo, am I right?

By incentivizing your recipients with good reason to re-engage, your message will instantly feel more persuasive

4. Chain Reaction Cycles


Chain Reaction Cycles is serious about reengaging their subscribers. So serious, in fact, that they're don't just give you one reason to come back, they give you 5 (and a coupon code.)

By clearly defining the benefits of keeping pace with their updates, people will be more apt to remember why they subscribed in the first place.

5. Crocs 


Everything about this copy is simple and effective. 

Not only are they offering up an incentive, but the microcopy (i.e. "sniff. sniff) also works to humanize their brand, and persuade subscribers to keep in touch. 

Not to mention, they snuck a little message in at the bottom regarding their shoe donations through Crocs Cares, you know, in case you needed another reminder that they're one of the "good guys."

6. Piperlime 


First of all, we love the bold color choice. Nothing says "pay attention to me" quite like hot magenta. 

Second of all, we love the breakup-style approach. Sure, it's been used a lot in re-engagement campaigns, but Piperlime's playful copy under each point makes for a unique spin on an old trick. 

7. Habitat


If you can't engage 'em, give 'em another option. 

Looking for a creative way to keep their email subscribers "in the know," Habitat encourages them to connect on Facebook to keep up with their latest updates.

8. Earbits


We weren't kidding when we said the breakup-style approach was popular, but needless to say, Earbits did it justice.

First, we love that they included first name personalization. Not only does it work to catch the attention of the recipient, but it helps them to feel more connected to the brand, and less like another face in the crowd (even if we all know it's automated.)

We also love that they included an interactive media element into the mix to engage the recipient. While we're not sure what the playlist entailed (we found this example via Pinterest), we're sure it's something good.

(I'd like to imagine the soulful sounds of "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green.)

9. GoToTraining 


Again, love the first name personalization. 

However, in the particular case, we're loving the bold call-to-action even more. Between the stand out purple and the actionable button text, we think GoToMeeting will have no trouble coaxing back some subscribers.

10. Struck Axiom


Just wrapped up a website redesign?

What better way to show off your new look than to invite inactive subscribers to check out what you've been up to?

Also, the "we built it for you" approach really makes this an offer that is hard to resist. 

("For me? You shouldn't have.") 

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