By: Marcus Sheridan

on January 23rd, 2017

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Where to Put Marketing Videos on Your Website: 7 Places to Consider Blog Feature Subscribe

By: Marcus Sheridan

 on January 23rd, 2017

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Where to Put Marketing Videos on Your Website: 7 Places to Consider

Video Marketing | Website Design

So you’re ready to crush video and make it a full part of your organization’s sales and marketing efforts? Great.

Considering studies saying that 80% of content consumed on the web will be video by 2019, it’s time everyone start taking this medium very, very seriously.

Assuming you have the right content approach and the videos have been produced, you may be wondering as to the best places to put videos on your company website. If this is the case, here is a list of some potential considerations, all of which we’ve leveraged at different points with our clients here at The Sales Lion.

#1 Home Page Background Video

Although video isn’t always the “right” solution for your homepage, one great place to consider it is in the background above the fold of the screen. However, the key here to make this work is that the video gives the site visitor a true sense for the problem your company solves, or at least a unique differentiator of a certain aspect of your company. An excellent example of this is our friends at Model Apparel.

#2 Social Proof Sections of the Website

Does your website have a case study section? Or possibly a customer testimonials area? At this point, most companies do, but unfortunately, more often than not these important areas of a website generally lack the all-important video content necessary to truly “show” the story at hand.

Below is a great video case study for WorkflowMax about their success with their customer Cymon Allfrey Architects.

Remember, reading a case study or testimonial is nice, but NOTHING compares to truly seeing it.

#3 Video Library

More and more consumers today only do their buying research through video, which is why we’re getting to the point where every website needs to have a “video library”—a place where only video content lives but is organized, searchable, and displayed in such a way that the visitor can immediate find, and see, what they’re looking for.


#4 Product/Services Pages

For too long, company product and services pages have consisted of one or two photos plus a few hundred words of explanatory text. As you can imagine, this isn’t good…at all. If we truly want our customers to see what makes us special and different, a quality video on each of these pages is necessary to provide the ideal shopping experience.


#5 Home Page Explainer Video

Different than the homepage background video mentioned in #1, a homepage explainer video is generally found further down the homepage but allows the viewer to get an immediate sense of not just who the company is, but more importantly the problem they solve, as well as the thing that makes them unique.

Below is a great example of a well-executed explainer video from Blue Bottle Coffee.

TONX - Truly great coffee in your kitchen, without much fuss. from Blue Bottle Coffee on Vimeo.


#6 About Page (also applicable to Recruiting/Hiring Page)

Traditionally, about pages—just like product/service pages—lack any type of video to give the viewer a true sense of what makes up the organization. At this point, if we really want to show our company culture and team, video content is a must.


#7 Employee Pages

As mentioned previously here at The Sales Lion, personal employee videos, especially for sales teams, are critical in terms of helping visitors “know” the types of people that make up the organization. Unfortunately, this is another weak area for most organizations, regardless of size. And considering these videos are so incredibly easy to produce, there is really no reason not to integrate them into your content mix.

Here's our very own George B Thomas introducing himself. This lives on our "Meet the Team" page.

Wistia video thumbnail - George_Thomas_AboutMe

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So there you have it, seven pages of your website and corresponding videos you can immediately integrate into your 2017 content marketing efforts and place on your website.


Keep in mind, just the fact that you have this type of content on your website immediately separates you from the competition and can give you a major leg up when trying to win trust of today’s digital buyer.

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