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Event Attendee Experience, CRM Implementation, Tips For HubSpot Developers (The IMPACT Show Ep. 53)

By: Stephanie Casstevens June 22nd, 2018

Blog Feature

In this week's episode of The IMPACT Show, Stephanie is back and brought in special guest Jen Barrell! She's IMPACT's new director of event marketing. 

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Content Marketing

9 Examples of Seriously Cool Interactive Tools, Calculators, & More

By: Justine Timoteo June 22nd, 2018

Blog Feature

Jeff Bullas may have put it best when he said “No doubt you’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king,’ however…. I believe that ‘interactive content is king.” Marketing continues to change at a rapid pace because consumers and end-users are continuously evolving the way they engage with content online. It seems fewer people are opting into reading long whitepapers or eBooks and, instead, gravitating towards content that is more actively engaging, quick to consume, and catered personally to them.

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Video Marketing Sponsored

How to Sell Video Marketing to Your Boss (& Prove it Doesn’t Have to Be Hard)

By: Olga Bedrina June 22nd, 2018

Blog Feature

It’s official: producing video content has become a matter of “when” not “if,” for marketers. And if you’re marketing for a business or at an agency, that “when” should be ASAP -- if not last week. Seriously. When we look at why video content dominates, the stats speak for themselves.

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HubSpot INBOUND Event The Hubcast

Hubcast 181: #INBOUND18 Excitement, Sequences, & All Things Service Hub

By: Carina Duffy June 21st, 2018

Blog Feature

This episode of the Hubcast is brought to you by Qwilr. We've got a special guest host today! Dave Barron is the Go-to-Market Lead for HubSpot's new Service Hub and all around Grade-A HubSpot boss. Listen to the episode to hear all of the things Dave is excited about for the Service Hub platform!

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Blogging Content Marketing

17 Business Blog Topics Your Audience Wants You To Write

By: Kevin Phillips June 21st, 2018

Blog Feature

Is your business currently blogging? What kinds of topics are you writing about? How much success have you had? I’m willing to wager that if you’re reading this article, you fall into one of two camps: Either you’ve been blogging for awhile and just aren’t seeing the needle move or You’re just getting started with inbound marketing and want to make sure your first steps are in the right direction. Whatever the case, I’m going to give you a comprehensive list of business blog topics you will want to start writing today.

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Search Engine Optimization IMPACT Live

Why Ignoring SEO Basics Can Kill Your Traffic By 94% (And What to Do If It Happens)

By: Franco Valentino June 20th, 2018

Blog Feature

Picture it: September 2016. The somber glow of the screen share multiplied the anguish brewing in the pit of our stomachs.   “This can’t be happening...” We were staring at a Google Analytics “Audience” report that looked like a cliff to nowhere. 94% of the website’s traffic was gone.

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Sales Customer Service

2 Ways to Get Your Sales & Customer Success Team Working Together

By: Steve Bookbinder June 20th, 2018

Blog Feature

The struggle is real. Organizations everywhere are challenged with the growing issue of alignment across departments. They know their strategies, organizational capabilities, resources, and management systems should all be arranged to support a shared company mission and purpose, but the challenge is when leaders pay too much attention to one area of the business and not enough to others. This is inevitable. Marketing is going to care about marketing, sales about sales, and so on. The key to success, however, is getting these disparate departments to work together and create a seamless experience for both the internal organization as well as the customers.

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Email Marketing

What is Email Fatigue? Here’s How to NOT Annoy Your Subscribers.

By: Dan Baum June 20th, 2018

Blog Feature

As marketers, we all send a lot of email. Some get contacts read and engage with it, and some don’t. It comes with the territory. But even when you send the same email to contacts of the same persona and lifecycle stage, you can get different responses. Why is that?

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