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By: Carolyn Edgecomb on February 24th, 2017

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15 Exceptional Landing Page Examples Designed for Lead Generation

Lead Generation

So you've got an outstanding offer or service that you really want to get into the hands of your potential buyers.

You've even designed a killer call-to-action graphic or're two-thirds of the way there!

Now, it's time to persuade people to convert. The final piece of the puzzle, of course, is a powerful landing page designed with lead generation in mind.

If they’ve gotten to your landing page, you've successfully already captured their attention, now you have to know how to write remarkable landing page content and convey the value of your offer to actually get them to fill out the form.

So, let’s lead by example, right? (Pun intended.)

Here are some exceptional landing page examples that do their job, and do it well. Below each example, I've included a summary of what each brand did right so you can get some ideas of what to include in your own landing page design to increase conversions and overall success.

1. Drift


What doesn’t this page include? Upon landing on the page, Drift quickly tells you that with their 14-day free trial, their SaaS software will help your sales team generate more leads, schedule more meetings or consultations, while also helping you close more deals faster.

Further down on the page, they tell you everything your sales team will be able to do with to improve their efficiency in more detail. They also showcase a testimonial, highlighting the impact Drift has had on other sales teams.

One thing, our team loves about Drift is they’re using their tool on their website including this page. This allows you to see how the platform works, and if you have questions, there’s someone available right there to help you.

2. Quick Sprout


Quick Sprout has a great webinar where they teach you how to grow your business, without using paid promotion.

On their landing page, they tell you exactly who is going to teach you (Neil Patel), what he’s going to teach you (how to increase your search traffic, how to generate social traffic without using ads, and link building tactics), and how you can get access to the webinar (filling out the form).

Instead of using the usual language on a webinar landing page, they urge you to click the button, raising your hand saying “I want Neil to teach me how to grow my business.” Quick Sprout makes the webinar feel more intimate and one-on-one.

They also kept their landing page, short and to the point. Depending on your offer, you might vary the length of your landing pages to highlight the value, but be careful not to over-do it.

3. Unbounce


As a platform for landing page and conversion marketing, I couldn’t not include Unbounce in my list.

While basic in nature, the organization’s landing page is extremely effective.

Immediately upon landing on this page, you’re met with a large image telling you exactly what you’re going to get: An eBook that will help you generate more conversions without increasing your budget.

The page also does a great job of highlighting what your readers will learn in a quick, easy-to-read way.

Another valuable element Unbounce includes is social proof in the form of logos of the publications its advice and work has been published. This addition helps newcomers know that the writers of this eBook are legitimate, trusted professionals and that what they share in this document will likely be no different.

4. Blue Apron

Blue Apron  Fresh Ingredients  Original Recipes  Delivered to You.png

Whether you’re an amatuer or experienced home chef, Blue Apron is a great company for sharpening your skills and trying new meals.

Their landing page makes signing up look and feel easy with only 3 simple steps (filling a completion bar at the top), removes friction by assuring you there’s no commitment, and showing its value with points on personalized menus and convenient delivery.

Similar to Unbounce, Blue Apron also highlights social proof mentioning where their company has been featured.

5. Slack


Keep all your communication direct, fast, and in one place with Slack. Did you know that on average, people spend 47% of their time reading, answering and searching email.

Communicating with the members of your team is essential. And, Slack can help you reduce the clutter. 

Their landing page walks you through how their app can take your teams communication into the 21st century. 

An element that they've added to their landing page, is they've embedded a video into the hero section of the page, showing you how simple Slack is. 

6. LastPass


As a company, keeping your passwords secure is important, and managing those passwords can be difficult.

On this less conventional landing page (no form), LastPass explains how easy it is to set up and start using it with three simple steps. It also details the products value using easy to understand icons and clear copy.

7. Zoom

Zoom Meetings  .png

This landing page makes signing up for Zoom as simple as it possibly can be. All you need to do is enter your email.

Not only is signing up easy, but they leave no stone unturned about what’s included in their web conferencing system.

They also display examples of how your screen could look when you’re video conferencing. Unlike, other platforms, with Zoom you can select and see everyone clearly, so these visuals are integral.

Similar to Drift, Zoom also uses a live chat to help you answer any questions you have while browsing their page.

8. Plated


When it comes to subscriptions, especially when it involves food, you want to ensure you’re getting something you’ll enjoy.

On this landing page, the way they highlight their plans, makes it really easy for you to select how many meals you’d like to receive each week and the testimonials ensure you that what you’re getting will be as tasty as the company claims

9. Magnolia Market

The Magnolia House .png

While a majority of Magnolia Market is a retail space, they also have “The Magnolia Home” where you can stay on vacation.

On this landing page, you see what dates are available and quickly book your stay and display real, customer-generated photos from their stays. It helps you realistically picture yourself staying in the home and treating it as your own.

Unfortunately, the Magnolia Home is booked all the way through 2017 right now, but the company doesn’t let leads get away. Instead of booking the room, you can also subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about the House and Market.

10. Bombfell


Sometimes we all just need a new wardrobe. Bombfell’s landing page takes this idea and makes it part of its big value.

With Bombfell, getting started takes just four simple steps and they make it clear that you’re only paying for the clothes you like, nothing you don’t and no styling fees.

Instead of using stock photography, Bombfell also uses real photos showcasing the box you receive and some of the items you might receive as well.

11. Wayfair


Who knew Wayfair had a wedding registry, right? Above the fold on this landing page, Wayfair makes it really simple for you to get started and adds transparency and social proof by highlighting brands they’re featuring.

Not sure why you should register with them instead of Bed Bath & Beyond or even Macy’s? They have a section that tells you exactly why you should consider them over larger, more established options.

12. Square


Square effectively uses their landing page to get you the information you need to make an informed decision. Within their header, you’re able to select what type of business you are and whether your revenue is above or under $250,000.

Based on that information, they personalize the page to fit you and your needs.

They also feature testimonials from companies similar to yours, making it easy for you to see how their success could relate to your company.

It’s dynamic, unique, and visually very appealing.

13. Basecamp


Basecamp takes a very creative approach in converting visitors to customers. Their landing page shows how their platform can help you improve your efficiency and get it together.

By using customer testimonials and exact numbers, they’re showing you how the platform is already making life easier for others and how it can do the same for you.

14. HubSpot


No surprise, but HubSpot demonstrates some of the most effective, traditional techniques for a proper landing page in this example.

Short and concise, HubSpot tells you exactly what you’re getting and builds emotional value (“saving countless hours”) with its copy.

In addition to this, the page includes video and image feed that allow you to get a preview of the templates you’re going to receive and also features a hello bar that allows you to easily access the resource and delivers social proof, saying “join the other 75,000+ companies” that have already downloaded the offer.

15. Salesforce


Visually, this landing page may not look like much, it has one unique feature that many brands can learn from -- social login.

Salesforce makes it extremely easy for visitors to sign up for their free trial by giving them the option to sign up with an exicsting Facebook or Google+ rather than taking the time to fill out a form. It's fast and, in many ways, feels less intimidating than directly surrounding your personal information via a form.



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