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Blogging • 

Content Marketing

Blogging Tips: 3 Fun Ways to Write a Blog Introduction

By: Liz Murphy July 20th, 2018

Even though I’m a writer who can sometimes make 1,000+ word counts look as easy as riding a bike, don’t be fooled by my graceful exterior. Not only do I not know how to ride a bike (gasp!), I also find myself mentally pulling my hair out when I’m under a deadline to produce blog content for work. And there’s nothing more frustrating about the blogging process than writing an introduction.

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Infographics • 

Chatbots & Live Chat • 

Conversational Marketing

6 Conversational Best Practices for Live Chat Success [Infographic]

By: Kyle Bento July 20th, 2018

Imagine this: you visit a company’s website because you have a question about their service. After flipping through a few pages and not finding the answer, you notice there’s a chat bubble on the bottom hand corner. Lightbulb. You can chat with someone who will give you a quick answer, right now, so you click that little button and fire off your question. Then you wait…

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Conversion Rate Optimization • 


Hubcast 185: Content Throwdown with HubSpot Academy's Jorie Munroe & Justin Champion

By: Carina Duffy July 19th, 2018

On this week's episode of the Hubcast, we flush the format to bring you a conversation with two HubSpot Academy Professors: Jorie Munroe (Conversion Rate Optimization and Reporting & Analytics) and Justin Champion (Content Marketing). Check out the full episode audio below, OR watch the full video episode below that!

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Hiring a Marketing Agency

Why You Should Think Twice About Pay Per Lead with an Inbound Agency

By: Tom DiScipio July 19th, 2018

As many of you know, partnering with an inbound marketing agency is a big deal. It requires you to self-educate, research multiple agencies (or other options), gain internal buy-in, plan to invest lots of money, sign contracts, and ramp up. At IMPACT, on the front lines of those “partnering with an agency” conversations are our Client Success Managers (CSMs), who help you find answers to the tough questions and navigate the sometimes complex journey.

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Podcasts & Shows • 

Women in Marketing

Should You Quit Your Job? [MarketHer Ep. 39]

By: Angela Myrtetus July 18th, 2018

All of us MarketHers love going back and listening to our own episodes from Season One. Is that odd? What we have found is that we end up giving ourselves advice we really needed to hear again, or we pick up on things that we want to discuss again, OR like in this topic, we realize that we want to offer some clarity on topics we've covered.  This week, we revisit the ol', "If you hate your job and your company's culture sucks...then quit!"

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Podcasts & Shows • 

Content Lab

"Demystifying Pillar Content" with Justin Champion of HubSpot (Content Lab, Ep. 1)

By: Liz Murphy July 18th, 2018

Today is the launch of IMPACT's newest weekly show, Content Lab. Content Lab is podcast for content marketers who want the inside scoop on the strategies, tools, and tactics you need to create remarkable content your audience will obsess over. Since it's the first episode, I thought about playing it safe by dipping a timid toe in the shallow part of the pool with an easy topic, but instead, I decided to dive right in to the deep end with a big and meaty one -- pillar content.

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Sales • 


6 Bad Sales Habits Destroying Your Productivity (& What to Do Instead)

By: Steve Bookbinder July 18th, 2018

Habits are behaviors that impact the decisions we make about how to spend our time and energy. Many are unconscious. Sales habits are the same. You gain experience and knowledge over time that influences your outlook as well as your ability to effectively manage your pipeline, priorities, and processes. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or a newbie, recognizing your habits, good or bad, is the first step towards understanding why you do certain things while avoiding others.

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Video Marketing

Why I Created the Video Marketing Workshop [VIDEO]

By: Zachary Basner July 17th, 2018

Back in 2016, we designed a special hands-on training experience called the Video Marketing Workshop. Our goal was to help companies struggling with the learning curve that comes with Video Marketing and get on their way to making great visual content. The results of these workshops are pretty remarkable. In fact, you’d be surprised what is actually accomplished in 24-48 hours of hands-on learning. But why are they so special and what problems do they actually solve? Let’s talk about it.

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