Top 20 Innovative Ways to Drive Facebook Page Likes

by Andy Scherer on September 29, 2011

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This week, at the IMPACT Learning Center, we'll be trying to enhance your Facebook business page and all that goes with it. As you know, Facebook and social media marketing has been a tremendous shift to all businesses communication, and a paradigm alteration that will not revert back to its original structure. With that said, in order to get the targeted traffic to spend more time on your FB page or your website, you need to create epic content and content that drives them to like your page. Here are some ideas on how you can increase the number of likes.

  1. Post an update -- Simple, really, but make sure you have quality content in your post update so that people are inclined to follow you for more.

  2. Fan upload and tag photos -- Famous athletes love doing this for their tours so why don't you take advantage of it as well? Take a photo of your clientele (with their written permission, of course) and tag them to get people interested.

  3. Incentive to Like -- A very easy one, but, "Like our page for a 40% off coupon".

  4. Add value to groups -- Create discussions and/or topics that drive conversation and networking through your group(s).

  5. Access via Text -- Make accessibility easy and readily available so that your customers can get your page updates through text messages.

  6. Page badge -- This is something that Facebook provides for you, but it's also something that you can customize with your own imagery and implement by copy and pasting your link to have it affiliated with the customized badge. (This is something that we do on a daily basis.)

  7. Status tagging -- If your wall is getting conversation, you have the ability to not just respond to the customers, but also to bring them back in after they haven't commented for a while by tagging your status updates. This will also elevate your visibility throughout their social network.

  8. Suggest to friends -- Utilize your personal profile(s) to bring more audience in and get those likes.

  9. Connect with Twitter -- Gather the dual power of Facebook and Twitter by getting your Tweeps involved.

  10. List/Link Employment Opportunities -- Make these available only through liking the page.

  11. Commenting on Landing Page -- Open up your landing page for viewable comments, but only allow commenting if they have already liked your page.

  12. Newsletter Promotion -- Place your customized badge in the header or the top of the sidebar.

  13. E-Mail Signature - Same thought as the newsletter, but also think about doing blast e-mails with this.

  14. Facebook Page on Business Cards -- Get creative with those cards and place your page link and/or your QR code for the FB page.

  15. Fans Only Contest -- A great way to also get some interaction, but you can make this a great giveaway for just your fans which will spur on the likes...especially if it's a once in a lifetime cruise opportunity or something similar.

  16. Blog Commenting -- Leaving discussion-provoking or problem-solving blog comments with a link back to your Facebook page instead of your website.

  17. Link page to LinkedIn Profile -- Once again utilizing the power of another social media source, but provide a business benefit for liking the page as well.

  18. Targeted Ad Campaign -- Get in the advertisements for Facebook and start a pay per click campaign with them to increase the page likes.

  19. Use Hootsuite -- Schedule out your post updates to make them more consistent and appease potential FB page fans.

  20. Fan of the Month Promotion -- Similar to the Fan Only Giveaway, this is one that you can give out to the most active or interactive fan for that month. This encourages quite a bit of activity and is always a great time to see the competitions.

Now, while those are the top 20 newest ways that you can drive more Facebook page likes, there are literally an infinite number of ways that you can entice people to go to your page. With that said, IMPACT specializes in delivering your brand message and effectively navigate your audience to your Facebook page (and like it).

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