The INBOUND Guide to Boston Nightlife [Infographic]

by John Bonini on August 15, 2013

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The INBOUND Guide to Boston Night Life [Infographic]If you're heading into Boston next week for HubSpot's INBOUND '13 conference, prepare to be faced with a plethora of tough choices.

Like, "who do I see Wednesday during the 3 PM sessions...Laura Fitton or Mark Roberge? (Really, there are no wrong choices here.)

Or..."where are we going tonight to continue the conversations from this afternoon?"

Boston, a city rich with great bars and restaurants, makes this no easy decision. So the question is, how do you go about deciding what establishments to visit after a long day of powerful sessions and keynotes?

Well, I decided to ask the people who would know best, our friends over at HubSpot. After getting so many great responses, I had our Senior Designer Bobby Kane (@bobbyjkane) put together this beautiful infographic to act as somewhat of a manifesto for all us INBOUND attendees to refer back to in order to ensure we're hitting all the best spots.

Check it out! And use the hashtag #inboundnightlife to connect and organize meet ups at some of these great bars/restaurants.

The INBOUND Guide to Boston Nightlife


Where Will You Be?

So there you have it! Straight from the people who know the city best.

So where will you be meeting up?