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by Desiree Baughman Desiree Baughman on January 29, 2013

The Art of Newsjacking (And the SEO Benefits)

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January 29, 2013

the-art-of-newsjacking-and-the-seo-benefitsWe’ve written a lot about how to produce content.  We even dedicated one whole ebook “How To Be The King Of Content Marketing” to how you can come up with fantastic content ideas that are sure to help you generate more leads.

One of the ways that we mention are how you can use curated content, but you can take that to a whole new level by “newsjacking”.  Newsjacking will not only help you come up with content ideas that will increase your readership, but also potentially significantly boost your PageRank.

What Is Newsjacking? And How Will it Help My SEO?

Newsjacking is incredibly beneficial, but only if you have your finger on the pulse.  To put it simply, the term “newsjacking” is really referring to taking advantage of something that’s popular, but turning it into something that will bring more attention to you or your business.

So let’s say a video goes viral on YouTube, like Psy’s “Gangnam Style”.  If you were to take that and make a parody video that somehow benefits your used car dealership in some way, then you might be able to get your business in on the “popularity wave” that the particular trend is enjoying.

You Gotta Move Fast

Here’s the thing about newsjacking: you have to move quickly if you want to really make any sort of impact. If you do that right, you'll see how it can be a vital part to a complete SEO strategy.  We recently read an article from David Meerman Scott which explained the process of newsjacking. He recommends that the newsjacking occurs right in between when something becomes “breaking news” and when journalists will be scrambling for more information.

Think that’s a difficult task?  It is.  It’s not easy to always spot something that will be trending.  After all, who know that Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” would be something that even President Obama was caught quoting?  You won’t always get in big on every trend, but when you do, it will pay off big time.

How To Successfully Newsjack

There’s no set formula on what will go viral and get you a lot of publicity and what won’t, but there are things that you can start doing today to ensure that your newsjacking efforts are worthwhile.  For starters, you have got to listen to your audience.  Hopefully by now you’ve created your own business social media accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter (though if you haven’t, you can download our free ebook “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn” and learn how to do it better than your competition is today).

These sites will prove to be incredibly resourceful when it comes to learning what your leads love and what they hate, what they’re following and what they couldn’t care less about.  Use this information to determine what sort of content is worth newsjacking, as well as what sort of media to present it in (do they prefer images?  Video?  Text?).

You can also use past forms and surveys to get a good feel of what the interests of your target market are, as well as their age group. For example, younger generations love a good meme.  Older generations, however, likely aren’t familiar with “Grumpy Cat” and other trending visuals online.

Once you have how you’re going to present the information as well as what information you’re going to present in order, then it’s just a matter of piecing it together and setting it loose.  Putting it on your blog first and then advertising it on social media tends to work best as it tends to work out as you hitting two birds with one stone.  Make sure that if it is visual content that you remember to include it on your pinboard that you’ve included on Pinterest to give you some additional exposure.

Old News Is Not Worth Sharing

You’ve gotta move fast if you want to be a successfully newsjacker.  If you wait too long to jump on that bandwagon, then you may as well stay off of it.  Waiting too long means that there’ll be just way too much content online to compete with to try to get top spot, which for most businesses, just isn’t worth the effort.  It’s crucial that when you see any sort of trend coming out, jump on it and jump on it fast if you really want it to benefit your business.

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