Introducing Context Marketing into your Content

by Samantha Durant on September 10, 2012

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context marketingHubSpot 3 is revolutionizing the way that inbound marketers think about their online content. As founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan explained in their groundbreaking keynote speech at Inbound 2012, HubSpot is now introducing context to content marketing! (Yes, we're excited)

What does this mean? you may ask. It's actually pretty simple.

Think about how works. You browse through the site, perhaps make a few purchases, and then - seemingly magically - Amazon starts making buying suggestions. Tailored to your individual interests!

Now, with HubSpot 3, you can tailor your marketing content to your website visitors in just the same way. As always, your content will be what attracts your visitors, but this new context has the power to actually move them through your sales funnel.

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Landing Page Smart Forms

We all know the importance of landing pages to inbound marketing. It's how we get a majority of our leads, after all! Have you ever thought about the process of filling out a landing page, though? The first time it's not really a hassle, but what if a lead wants to download a few offers or make multiple requests? Then it starts to get a little annoying. Filling out the same information over and over becomes tedious and could even discourage leads from completing more forms.

Well, guess what? HubSpot 3 has found the solution! Now you can use smart forms on all of your landing pages - these forms recognize the context of a lead's visit and know whether or not the lead has already filled out a form. If the lead is filling out a form for a second or third (or more) time, they don't have to fill in all of the information again, because your site will already have it. All they have to do now is click a button! How easy is that? By catering to your leads' individual needs, you're sure to get on their good sides. And they're sure to see - and appreciate - the ease in which they can now request information.

Smart Calls-to-Action

Landing pages aren't the only thing getting a makeover. With HubSpot 3, CTAs now have smart capabilities, too. This is where it starts getting really exciting: the new software knows which CTAs your leads have already seen and/or clicked through, so it knows when to show different CTAs, and even which types of CTAs to show!

Let's say that the last time a lead visited your site, he filled out a top-of-the-funnel offer. HubSpot 3's new software has the ability to remember this information, and knows to try to move the lead through the sales funnel. This means that when this lead visits your website again, he'll be shown middle-of-the-funnel CTAs and won't have to see any repeat offers. Not only does this benefit your company by getting the most out of your CTAs, but it also provides the user with a great experience. That's the power of context!


Workflows is the new and improved lead nurturing system that really takes the idea of contextual content marketing to the next level. You can now set up automatic follow-up emails to be sent to your leads depending on what they click on or sign up for.

For example, say a lead requests a free consultation. You don't want to send the same email to him as you would to someone who simply watched an introductory video; they're at opposite ends of the sales funnel! With HubSpot 3, the software is smart enough to recognize every lead's individual context, and knows just how to respond to that context.

Keep in mind, Workflows does so much more than just send automated emails based on context. But we're pretty pumped about that feature!

Smarter Marketing

HubSpot 3 allows your website, your blog, and your marketing emails to become smarter over time. As more people visit your site and more leads make repeat visits, the software learns about each user and becomes more and more personalized. This allows your content to specifically cater to each person that visits your site; by offering only what each lead needs, you're able to increase your conversion rates faster and create the most user-friendly experience possible. And it's all thanks to context!

Harnessing Context Marketing

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