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by Dan Baum Dan Baum on September 17, 2012

Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce (A Match Made in Marketing Heaven)

by Dan Baum Dan Baum

Salesforce  HubSpot + Shares Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce (A Match Made in Marketing Heaven) Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce (A Match Made in Marketing Heaven) Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce (A Match Made in Marketing Heaven) Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce (A Match Made in Marketing Heaven)

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September 17, 2012

hubspot and salesforceHow awesome is your inbound marketing? Odds are, if you're doing it right, your doing amazingly well. But what about your sales? Don't you wish there was a way to make your sales just as good as your marketing is? It's not as impossible of a feat as you may think. That's because you have HubSpot. And just as every other innovative inbound marketing update that HubSpot rolls out is well....innovative, the integration of HubSpot and SalesForce is just as awesome.

HubSpot and SalesForce share an open relationship with one another, and it's this connection that will make your sales and marketing teams go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Two of the most powerful marketing machines joining up? That's almost not fair! I agree, but your competition won't know what hit them! This post will show you the in's and out's of the HubSpot and SalesForce connector, enabling you to have a more streamlined and organized sales process.

Interested in learning more about integrating your marketing and sales for a more productive sales process? Contact IMPACT for a free consultation and learn how we can help!

Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce

Think about it: The Superman of Inbound Marketing has joined forces with the Iron Man of sales. It's an unstoppable force! The integration of HubSpot and SalesForce is what has enabled HubSpotters to join rich lead tracking data from HubSpot into their Salesforce platforms so that sales teams could have lead tracking data at their fingertips when they contact leads. The possibilities for huge sales moves and marketing actions are endless when your company joins together their HubSpot and SalesForce platforms. Here are some of the benefits of combining your marketing and sales into one convenient spot:

No Duplications.  Have one person with a ton of interaction with your company? Well don't annoy them with repeated email and other lead nurturing methods. When you have your leads in SalesForce, HubSpot can add multiple interactions with your company to one lead, so that you know exactly what that lead did on your site, and what your next move should be.

Sync Together New Lead Information.  Now, you know that having leads and conversions in one place is important. But what about existing leads? Well, instead of going into your HubSpot lead profiles and updating information into SalesForce, the HubSpot and Salesforce connector does this automatically. Whenever existing leads make any move on your site, HubSpot sends that information right into SalesForce, which can even go as far as qualifying or unqualifying a lead. It takes out all guesswork, so you have 100% up-to-date information on all your leads, 100% of the time.

Revolutionize Closed-Loop Reporting.  Probably the biggest benefit of integrating your HubSpot and SalesForce platforms is the ability to have extremely accurate closed-loop reporting. Syncing them together gives you the capability to to see which marketing activities led to new customers for your company, and how to improve other methods.

By knowing how you gained your leads, you easily can tell what your sales team needs to do in order to push them down the sales funnel, and complete the sale. You wouldn't treat a 86 year old woman the same as a 17 year old teenager, right? Well, age among other things are ways you can understand your leads, and hopefully customers.

Here's the bottom line; streamlining marketing and sales will only strengthen both areas. Information is the strongest resource you can have when executing a successful campaign, and this is exactly what joining HubSpot and SalesForce will provide.

Integrating HubSpot and SalesForce

Looking for a more streamlined, profitable sales process? IMPACT works with both HubSpot and SalesForce, so give us a call and learn how we can help!

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Dan Baum

Dan Baum was a Marketing Coordinator at IMPACT for several years aiding in client strategy execution and content creation.

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