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by Carolyn Edgecomb Carolyn Edgecomb on May 5, 2013

Inbound Marketing Trends: May 5, 2013

by Carolyn Edgecomb Carolyn Edgecomb

Shares Inbound Marketing Trends: May 5, 2013 Inbound Marketing Trends: May 5, 2013 Inbound Marketing Trends: May 5, 2013 Inbound Marketing Trends: May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

inbound marketing trendsWhat a perfect day for Cinco de Mayo!

We hope you're enjoying the warmer weather, drinking a margarita, and catching up on the latest inbound marketing trends.

Once again, we’ve collected the inbound marketing trends and put them all in one convenient place.

Thank you for joining us on our blog this past week. We hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read, and hope to see you back here next week for the newest trends!

Pasa un buen fin de semana

Inbound Marketing Trends

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Carolyn Edgecomb

Carolyn Edgecomb

As an account manager at IMPACT, Carolyn is a key contributor towards the success of client marketing campaigns through the execution of strategy and task based duties. She has a passion for anything that’s inbound marketing. Staying on top of the latest social media updates and marketing trends allows her to strategize and develop solutions that fit the needs of the client. When she’s not spending an overwhelming amount of time on Pinterest, you’ll find her shopping and catching up on the latest inbound marketing trends. Who doesn’t love a good book, blog article, or cup of frozen yogurt?

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