Inbound Marketing Trends: June 9, 2013

by Carolyn Edgecomb on June 9, 2013

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inbound marketing trendsHappy Sunday!

Last week was eventful. Our IMPACT Rockstar had a blast at the Connecticut Business EXPO and a Florida mom lost the Powerball because she let an 84 year old woman cut in front of her.

Also, there's only 10 weeks until Inbound 2013! We hope to see you there.

Now back to inbound marketing. Once again, we’ve collected the inbound marketing trends and put them all in one convenient place.

Thank you for joining us on our blog this past week.

We hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read, and hope to see you back here next week for the latest inbound marketing trends!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Inbound Marketing Trends

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