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by Carly Stec Carly Stec on December 1, 2013

Inbound Marketing Trends: December 1, 2013

by Carly Stec Carly Stec

Shares Inbound Marketing Trends: December 1, 2013 Inbound Marketing Trends: December 1, 2013 Inbound Marketing Trends: December 1, 2013 Inbound Marketing Trends: December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

Inbound Marketing Trends: September 29, 2013Happy Sunday!

Welcome to the last month of 2013. Can you believe it? Where did the year go?

While I am sure many of you are recovering from a pumpkin pie induced coma following this week's Thanksgiving festivities, we are glad you stopped by to catch up with us.

Although we had a short week here at IMPACT, we managed to keep up with the latest in inbound marketing trends per usual.

This week Instagram increased their advertising by publishing a new ad almost every day, Twitter was left dealing with fake accounts, and Walmart named their youngest CEO since their founder.

In an attempt to take the edge off that looming Sunday feeling most of us get, we've generated a list of the latest inbound marketing trends that appeared on our blog this past week. Don't hesitate to click through the list to help get your head on straight for the week ahead.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Carly Stec

Carly Stec

Carly is the Content Marketing Manager at IMPACT. She's also a frequent contributor to the HubSpot Blog, has a strong affinity for anything Kate Spade, and keeps a wide variety of English Tea in her desk.

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