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by John Bonini John Bonini on November 21, 2012

IMPACT's Top 3 Thanksgiving Memes

November 21, 2012

thanksgiving memesHappy Thanksgiving!

From all of us here at IMPACT, we hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family, food, pie, more food, even more pie, football, and finally, some more food.

Once all that Tryptophan has worn off and you've awoken from your post-turkey slumber, we've put together three Thanksgiving themed meme's we found particularly funny in the days leading up to the big holiday.

So we hope you enjoy a few laughs as we did, and don't worry about having that second piece of Pumpkin Pie, Thanksgiving comes but once a year. (Aside from...ya know...all the leftovers to be eaten all weekend.)


Top 3 Thanksgiving Memes

Thanksgiving Memes

1. This was one gave all of us here in the office a good laugh when I first stumbled upon it. I've realized that the best memes are always the simplest, and in most cases, alsoconvey that feeling of, "why didn't I think of that?!"

I mean come on! "Lost my leg in Nom." Brilliant.

Thanksgiving Memes2. If anyone remembers this classic Thanksgiving episode of Friends, you'll remember that Joey approached Thanksgiving as a challenge, and when Monica ended up making a second turkey that wasn't needed, Joey vows to take care of the leftovers for her...all in one sitting.

However, he first runs across the hall to his apartment to change....into pregnancy pants. This meme captures the moment in which he returns from his wardrobe change, ready to take on the daunting task of eating an entire Thanksgiving turkey alone.

Thanksgiving Memes

3. Coming in at number three was this clever little cartoon/meme I stumbled across in my Google searches. As you can see, one of our clever Turkey's has taken to the idea of dressing up as a flamingo for the holiday, because as he points out, "nobody eats a Flamingo on Thanksgiving."

From all of us here at IMPACT, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

John Bonini

John Bonini

John is the Marketing Director at IMPACT, responsible for the overall marketing and branding strategy. He also writes for the HubSpot Blog, Social Media Examiner, and Convince & Convert among others. He enjoys playing guitar, high-fives, and anything with marinara sauce.

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