How Blogging Establishes your Company's Industry Expertise

by John Bonini on October 15, 2012

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bloggingEver consider your reputation among prospects and other thought leaders in your industry?

If you don't think it's important to convey industry expertise through the content on your website, you're surely not only missing the boat, but I'm not sure you're even at the right port.

This isn't just about establishing a reputation of knowing what you're talking about (although that's certainly important), but also about educating your prospects, which helps to qualify them and also shorten your sales cycle as a result.

The importance of blogging and content creation has been covered thoroughly not only on our blog, but pretty much on every other marketing blog out there. But it's not all about keyword research, link-building, and blog titles. In fact, most blogs out there hardly ever mention the main reason the blog exists; to establish industry expertise by educating.

Once you've positioned yourself as a thought leader in your industry (like our friend Pamela Vaughan over at HubSpot), it makes the jobs of your marketing and sales team that much easier, as their pitches now hold significantly more weight.

All well and good, right? But you're probably wondering how the heck to do it. Worry not, as we've got you covered. (Did you think we'd really leave you out in the cold like that?)

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Establishing your Company's Industry Expertise through Blogging

So here's the reality; there's no shortcut to establishing yourself as an industry leader. You simply have to get your hands dirty and start blogging (or work with an agency who can handle your content creation.)

It's important that you voice, experience, and expertise are reflected in the content you're creating. But how do you establish industry expertise?

Simple. By knowing what challenges and questions your prospects have, and addressing them. This is where your social media engagement plays a huge role, as getting to know the challenges of your followers will provide you with everything you need to start blogging.

Try setting some Google alerts for certain phrases or keywords you think your target marketing is searching for. This is great for finding questions or topics your prospects are interested in.

Now you have some ideas on what to blog about. Also pay attention to the comments and engagement on your blog, as this will provide the most targeted and relevant information as it relates to your prospects and target market.

Bottom line; it all starts with blogging.

What Industry Expertise Can Do for You

So you've got this killer blog that's a great resource for prospects as well as other industry leaders, so what's the value in that? Does blogging actually yield a return on investment for all the time (or money) you're putting into it?

Just ask your sales team. Once they start getting phone calls from leads who are more qualified (if they find your content helpful, they'll stick around. If they don't, then you've just saved yourself from wasting your time on the phone with them), their entire sales process will improve as a result. They wouldn't have to spend as much time trying to sell prospects on your service or benefits, as your blog has already done this.

The content you produce is just as effective as pushing leads further down the sales funnel as your sales team is.

This is where the potential for ROI lives; in the simplification of your sales process.

Inbound marketing focuses on generating more qualified traffic and leads, not ones who will waste your time. This is the main function of blogging. To attract the visitors who find it relevant, and hopefully pushing them closer to a sale when they see how awesome you are at giving expert advice.

Once you're a resource in your industry, people will visit your blog for that reason alone. People will love to read and hear what you have to say.

Be a Resource!

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