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by Carolyn Edgecomb Carolyn Edgecomb on March 6, 2013

Google+ Goes Plus Sized With New Cover Photos

March 6, 2013

Google+ Goes Plus Sized With New Cover PhotosAre you actively engaging with users on Google+?

If so, you might be excited to know that Google+ just updated the size and format of their cover photos. We are no longer living in the dimensions of 940 x 180 cover photo.

With almost double the space, Google+ has gone plus size. What could you possibly do with all that space?

As you can see from the photo below, we were surprised upon logging in to see all this extra space.

Google Goes Plus Size

Are you looking for some inspiration when it comes to creating a more engaging and awesome cover photo. We've collected some ideas to help you better utilize all those extra pixels in your cover photo and figure out how to use all of that extra space.

3 Ways to Improve Your Google+ Cover Photo


One way to tell people more about your company is to show them photos of people. When I say photos, I am definitely not talking about finding an image on Shutterstock or istock.

Please don't use a stock photo to display the personality of your company. Everyone has probably seen that photo hundreds of times. Actually take the time to plan out your photo, what story do you want to tell or part of the company do you want to display.

After all, people are doing business with the personalities at your specific company, not those people with perfect teeth in your stock photos.


Did your company just create one of the greatest infographics ever?

Why not display a section of it as your cover photo? Not only will it show the culture and industry knowledge of your company, but it will generate an enormous amount of traffic to your site. Who wouldn't want to continue reading your infographic as well as sharing it on their page.

Visually Stimulating Pictures

Not interested in display people in your company or don't have any infographics? Display visually stimulating pictures related to your industry. Are you a local landscaper, home builder or even a dog groomer think about displaying images that capture some of your best work.

This is a great way to attract users to your page, making them want to learn more about your company.

How will you utilize your plus sized cover photo?

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Carolyn Edgecomb

Carolyn Edgecomb

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