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Want to win 10 marketing must reads?

by Amanda Bozzuto Amanda Bozzuto on April 6, 2012

Fiesta Friday 4/6/12

by Amanda Bozzuto Amanda Bozzuto

+ Shares Fiesta Friday 4/6/12 Fiesta Friday 4/6/12 Fiesta Friday 4/6/12 Fiesta Friday 4/6/12

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April 6, 2012

Americans Reading More Ebooks on Computers Than Ereaders, Phones [STUDY]

By: Lauren Indvik

"Ebooks are such a great way to get people to ready your content. They're more interactive, pleasant to look at, quick to ready and very accessible. Here is a study that's showing people are more likely to read electronic books on a desktop computer rather than a handheld device. Good to know when designing!"

Bob Ruffolo | @bobruffolo


62% Of Adults Worldwide Now Use Social Media (But Email Is Still More Popular) [STUDY]

By: Shea Bennett

"62% of adults are joining the social median band wagon!"

Natalie Davis | @NatalieIMPACT


Pinterest Gets More Personal: Time to Choose Your Own Board Covers

By: Lauren Indvik

"Pinterest finally released a much requested feature...Choosing your own board covers! I really like this because you can put your favorite image forward and it will really show your personality through your boards. First impressions are key!"

Amanda Bozzuto | @MsAmandaBozzuto


The Elements Of Navigation

By: Petter Silfver

"Navigation is a key component to a website that can often be overlooked when there is so much else to worry about. According to Petter Silfver of Smashing Magazine, the six key things to think about when constructing you navigation are clarity, simplicity, saliency, context, correlation, and tonality. Silfver also goes into detail on a few other elements of navigation, such as wording, user-testing, and icons. Definitely a good read for those who are having trouble with their navigation."

Chris Blinstrub | @ChrisBlinstrub


A Typographic Dating Game

By: Type Connection

"Thought this was a pretty interesting game!"

Bobby Kane | @bobbyjkane


10 Ways to Humanize Your Brand On Social Media

By: Joe Chernoy

"This is a great article about the importance of humanizing companies and brands on social networking sites. Social networking sites allow customers to feel more connected to brands and it's essential that brands engage with their fans to make them feel important and that their opinions and concerns are heard. This articles provides 10 ways to get started!"

Stephanie Hughes | @StephHughesXO


How to Use Content to Find Customers

By: Sonia Simone

"Looking to generate more customers? Believe it not, your sites content is a great starting point in achieving this."

John Bonini | @Bonini84


Transforming the Company to Engage More Effectively

By: Social Media Today

"It's important to engage your company in an effective way!"

Amy Chudy | @IMPACTAmy


Google Begins Testing Its Augmented-Reality Glasses

By: Nick Bilton

"This is one of the coolest things Google has every thought to attempt. Some might not think this is a great idea (CoughAMYandAMANDACough), but I think it's revolutionary. I'm very interested in seeing how the user actually communicates with the glasses and interacts with the product. If Google does pull this off, I could see some form of mobile browser being added, or even video game applications."

Vin Gaeta | @vinIMPACT

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