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by Bob Ruffolo on January 30, 2012

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Email Marketing PracticesAccording to Pew and American Life Project, 90 percent of internet users between 18 and 72 years of age say they send and receive emails making it the top performed online activity above search engine use. However, MailChimp, an email marketing service, reported the average email open rate across all industries is below 34 percent. These two facts alone indicate that although email marketing represents the highest pool of customers available online only a small fraction of that population is actually reachable. Therefore, businesses should learn to leverage their email marketing practices by employing strategies or best practices that enhance email marketing campaigns. The following is a list and description of the best email marketing practices you can immediately employ in your campaign.

Brand Association

Associating your brand with your email messages is an important component that should be included in every email you send to customers. When you showcase your brand you in effect increase company exposure thus enhance inbound marketing campaigns. Companies can build their brands through email marketing by including their logo, tagline, designing html templates using logo or website color schemes, and hyperlinking websites to emails for maximum exposure.

Content Centric

Increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns by keeping it clean, engaging, and content centric. HTML emails are aesthetically appealing but do not over do it by adding imagery that may detract from the message itself. Also, reduce the clutter with consistent font usage. Although, fonts may vary be sure to use variations to highlight specific content and use them sparingly. Email messages that are not content centric stray from relevant lead nurturing stages thus reducing the effectiveness of the inbound marketing sales funnel.

Information Design

Remember there is a strategy behind marketing. Optimize your email click rates by ensuring all links are working and accessible above the fold. The more work you ask a subscriber to do the less responsive they become. Assumptions in business are not measurable. Therefore, as a business you should never assume your clients will complete tasks above and beyond the information you provide otherwise you discount your communication efforts and hinder the effectiveness of your campaign. The goal of your email marketing campaign is open, click through, and produce conversions. To accomplish these goals you must emphasize call to actions by being precise about exactly what they need to do. For example, if you want a subscriber to watch a video include a call to action that reads, “Click here to watch a 3 Minute Video.” Always be clear about what your subscriber should expect and troubleshoot in the process. For example, if your click-through content is not accessible via mobile device tell your subscriber to “mark the message as important and view it as soon as they return home.” Why would you ask a subscriber to close your message and read it at a later time? Quite frankly, subscribers don’t want to view content that doesn’t work the first time around. If they view the material but can’t access it on their mobile device it’s very likely that they will not try and subsequently fail a second time.


Design your emails to be access across all devices. Many subscribers deploy a wide range of devices from tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. You should really take the guess work out of information availability by asking the subscriber during the opt-in process which format he/she desires. In cases where this is not possible include both an HTML formatted email as well as plain text. Also be sure your content is viewable across all browsers.

Compelling Ad Copy

Remember to optimize your subject lines by using compelling ad copy. According to Jupiter Research the average internet user receives about 274 emails weekly. Therefore, companies should entice their visitors through subject lines. Create informative subject lines generally under 60-65 characters.

Consistent Communication

Internet users subscribe because they are compelled by your offers or content. However, should you neglect consistent communication it’s likely they will forget why they subscribed in the first place. Furthermore, using the lead nurturing process requires consistency to both qualify leads and convert sales.

Keeping It All In Perspective

Every email marketing campaign is different. Best email marketing practices are standard forms of strategic communication that have proven to help grow businesses and clientele overtime. However, in order to get the most out of your campaigns be sure to test, analyze, and modify them to meet the demands of your subscriber pool. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know as we love to hear from you!

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