How Not To Build Links: A Reverse Guide To Linkbuilding

by Andy Scherer on September 2, 2010

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In today's search engine optimization race, there are a slew of techniques and strategies to build links. Off-page SEO campaigns range from writing guest articles to actively participating on niche forums. Remember, though, that the key to a strong linkbuilding campaign is to obtain quality links (not quantity). With that said, I am going to break away from the typical "How To" article, and give you a little satiric post. So, without further ado, here is a guide on how not to pursue your link-building:

  • Buying Backlinks -- Lowering your online reputation, overall credibility of site content, pagerank, search-ability, and having the esteemed opportunity to be banned from a search engine is easily accomplished through buying backlinks. You get quite a bit for your money with this one!

  • Hangin' With A Bad Crowd -- The best thing that you can do when you search out sites to link to...find the worst reputations out there and establish a backlink on those sites. Isn't it your dream to be recognized as a bad site as well?  Your reputation will drop significantly down (or below theirs) which is exactly what you want, right?

  • Get Those NoFollow or Low Pagerank Links -- The quickest way to establish and maintain a low pagerank for your site is to have links pointing to your site with no value (NoFollow tags), or from other sites that have little to no pagerank (0 or 1 PR) themselves. It is truly a great reward for all of your hard work to obtain all of those type of links; true quality!

  • Link Outside The Box -- Let's say you blog in real estate; the better sites that you can link to (especially if you don't want to help your own site) are ones that has nothing to do with real estate. Think about the traffic and credibility you'll have if all you do is link to sites with no relevance to yours.

  • Just Put My URL -- Smart SEO campaigns Leave out keywords for anchor text, and only use the site address. It is the easiest way to add a link so don't add the anchor text and definitely don't add a title and/or link description if you want horrible search engine results.

  • Quick Fixes -- If you want backlinks, then go at it from a mass-production perspective. Similar to a band-aid; just one quick step to get it done and over with. In other words, collect as many links as you possibly can in the shortest time period possible. This will give you the chance to remove your site index from search engines and can potentially get you banned as well.

Now, aside from all of the great ways to keep your website from being found, there are backlink strategies out there for those other people who want to increase their pagerank, online reputation, and search-ability. However, do you have any other suggestions or comments on how to not build a strong backlink campaign?  If so, leave them in the comment section below!

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