The 3 Day Guide to Creating a Valuable E-Mail Campaign - Design, Content, & Features

by Andy Scherer on April 27, 2011

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As you move toward a more successful e-mail marketing campaign with the addition of outstanding headlines that drive a higher open-rate, the second phase of your progression is a bit more extended and intensive.  The second day to this guide revolves around the implementation of an e-mail design/layout, content within the e-mail, and features of the e-mail.  Overall, this is the meat and potatoes of your e-mail campaign and you will learn how to provide unprecedented value with the improvement of these three characteristics.

Customized E-Mail Layouts Cause Action

Now that e-mail has become the norm for communication between parties (in fact, it is more commonly used than a simple phone call), it is also now more important to decipher your message/brand from the rest.  In other words, while it's acceptable and appropriate to send messages via regular text e-mails, your e-mail marketing campaigns serve a much higher purpose for you and your increase the impact on the bottom line.

One of the most valuable and cost-efficient methods to achieving this notoriety and separation is through the establishment of a customized e-mail layout.  Through your personalized design, you have the ability to add calls to action, social sharing widgets, key content areas, images, and anything else that utilizes your audience's tendencies.  For example, if you have a readership or recipients that are visually stimulated, your design should emphasize your product or service through a descriptive graphic design that entices action.  Overall, the options are endless, but your design should be based on research of your audience.

Creative and Unique Content Strengthens Loyalty

Everyone wants something that they cannot normally get; that is the entire basis around holiday purchases (chocolate candies in a heart shaped box for example).  To create added value with your e-mail marketing campaign, you need to provide creative and unique content within your newly-found e-mail layout.  While most of you will consider sharing your blog articles as your primary content, consider the fact that they can read those at any point on your website (which can be promoted...and should be for that matter) within your e-mail.

With all of that said, take an hour to create content that is related to what you are trying to market (it doesn't have to be a lot of text, but it can be graphically designed as well), and place it in a user-friendly as well as logical position within the e-mail design.  For example, if you have created supporting content to an outstanding graphic design, consider placing it just below or to the side of the imagery.  Or, if you have featured text content that you created, place it at the top of the e-mail to allure readers into the remainder of the message.  In general, you want to effectively deliver your message in as little "browsing" time as possible.

Finely-Tuned Features Facilitate Sharing

And to the final stage of the meat and potatoes of your e-mail marketing campaign: the features within your unique layout.  While the content, imagery, and layout are two-thirds of the e-mail campaign puzzle, the final third are the bells and whistles that create a stir and entice sharing.  To complete the equation, try to include the following features:

  • Forward to a Friend & Unsubscribe

  • Social Sharing and Feed Icons, Info, and Updates

  • Video and Podcasts

  • Anchor Text

  • To-Name Personalization

The general idea, though is that improving your layout, content, and features included on your e-mail will significant enhance the value of your e-mail campaign.  However, there is still one more day to getting your e-mail campaign on track so bookmark this page, RSS the feed, or just come back to finish this 3 day guide and breath life into your e-mail marketing campaign.

Of course, if you need help establishing an e-mail campaign that is effecting in your target market, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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